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CPC Liaoyang Municipal Party School

(Municipal College of Socialism, Municipal Administration College, Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee) 

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      The Party School of the CPC Liaoyang Municipal Committee was founded in 1954 and formally established in June 1959. In September 2006, the system of "one school and two houses" was officially established, implementing one set of institutions and three brands (Party School of the CPC Liaoyang Municipal Committee, Liaoyang Administrative College, Liaoyang Socialist College).。In August 2018, the Municipal Party Committee decided to integrate the Municipal Party School (Municipal Administration College, Municipal Socialist College), Municipal Teachers' Group, Municipal Ideological and Political Research Society, and set up a new Municipal Party School (Municipal Administration College, Municipal Socialist College, Municipal Teachers' Group).。     
      Party School of Liaoyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (Municipal Administration College, Municipal Socialist College, Municipal Municipal Committee Lecture Group),It is the main channel for training leading cadres of Party members, civil servants, democratic parties, people without party affiliation and representatives of the united front,It is an important position to study and study the Party's ideology and theory,It is an important department to publicize the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial committees and carry out the situation and task education。

       The Party School of the Municipal Committee is located at No. 60, Farm Road, Dongning Wei Township, Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, with a staff of 108 people. There are 7 teaching and research departments, including Party history and Party construction, philosophy, economic management and theoretical research, and 3 teaching and auxiliary departments, with 30 full-time teachers。At present, the school has 5 classrooms, 1 lecture hall, 2 multi-functional meeting rooms;The library has a collection of nearly 100,000 volumes and nearly 300 kinds of periodicals, providing a strong guarantee for teaching and research。

       Under the strong leadership of the municipal committee,The school (school, league) strives to cultivate and promote "love and dedication.,Pursue excellence;Truth-seeking and pragmatic,Be innovative;Solidarity and cooperation,Work together;Promote democracy,Advocate system;Bear in mind the overall situation,Work hard without complaint;Careful planning,Focus on efficiency;踔厉 Work hard,Forge ahead bravely;Honest and honest,Pursue noble "spirit,Firmly adhere to the fundamental principle of "Party school surname Party" and "social college surname society" and the school-running policy of "seeking truth from facts, advancing with The Times, working hard and governing for the people",Efforts should be made to cultivate a contingent of cadres with iron-like faith, conviction, discipline, and responsibility,We will give full play to the role of cadres in training, ideological guidance, theoretical development, and decision-making consultation,Constantly improve the quality of the school, strict management of the school level,Strive to make greater contributions to the construction of livable and viable new Liaoyang。


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