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Opinions on Building a High-quality and Balanced Basic Public Education Service System issued by the State Office of the Central Government

  新华社北京6月13日电  近日,中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发了《世界杯365买球》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻落实。

  The full text of the Opinions on Building a high-quality and Balanced Basic Public Education Service System is as follows。

  In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, accelerate the equalization of national basic public services, and build a high-quality and balanced basic public education service system, the following opinions are proposed。

  I. General requirements

  Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Comprehensively implement the Party's educational policy,Adhere to the people-centered approach,Serving national strategic needs,Focus on the urgent needs and aspirations of the people,The basic direction is to promote universal benefit and quality balance,We will comprehensively improve basic public education services,We will accelerate efforts to build China into an educational powerhouse,We will ensure that the people are satisfied with education。

  We will give priority to ensuring basic public education services in economic and social development planning, financial investment, and allocation of public resources。We will uphold the primary responsibility of the government, do our best to do what we can, make gradual and dynamic adjustments, and continue to increase fiscal input。We will continue to improve the conditions for running schools, pay more attention to the development of content, and ensure that basic public education services cover the entire population and are high-quality and balanced。We will persist in reform and innovation, continue to deepen comprehensive reform, remove institutional obstacles, optimize the way resources are allocated, strengthen the key role of teachers, and strengthen the standardization, professionalization, and rule of law of basic public education services。

  By 2027, a high-quality and balanced basic public education service system will be preliminarily established, the total supply will be further expanded, the supply structure will be further optimized, and the level of equality will be significantly improved。到2035年,The operating conditions, teaching staff, funding input and governance system of compulsory education schools meet the needs of strong education countries,The level of balanced development of compulsory education in the city (prefecture, prefecture, and union) has been significantly improved,The vast majority of counties (cities, districts and flags) have achieved high-quality and balanced compulsory education,School-age students enjoy fair and high-quality basic public education services,The overall level has entered the forefront of the world。

  2. Ensuring the quality and balanced development of compulsory education

  1.We will promote balanced development among regions。To promote the standardization of school construction as the focus, accelerate the narrowing of regional education gap。We will continue to increase support for difficult areas in the central and western regions,Provincial-level governments should focus on promoting the narrowing of the gap in school conditions and levels between different cities, counties and districts within the province,Municipal government should give full play to the role of regional economic center,The focus of resource allocation should be tilted towards less developed counties.At the national and provincial levels, a mechanism for tracking, evaluating and regularly dispatching the conditions of schools in economically underdeveloped counties and districts has been established,We will urge local governments to strengthen coordination in their work,Effectively cover the bottom line of school conditions。The project to build standardized schools for compulsory education was implemented,We will improve the specific standards for compulsory education schools,Establish the school standardization construction ledger,We will intensify efforts and coordinate the implementation of projects to improve weak links in compulsory education and enhance capacity, and promote the project of strengthening education,We will promote the construction of school buildings, safety precautions, teaching equipment, digital infrastructure, the size of school classes, and the staffing of teachers in compulsory education schools to meet prescribed standards,We will effectively improve the teaching life and safety conditions in schools,Strengthen the construction of campus cultural environment。While promoting the standardization of school construction, all regions can support schools to appropriately expand classroom learning activity space and sports venues in combination with actual conditions, and provide students with dining and lunch break conditions for non-boarding schools。We will vigorously promote the national strategy of digitization of education, promote the integration of campus wired, wireless and Internet of Things, build high-speed campus networks, and realize class communication。We will implement the central Government's provisions on standards for the staffing of primary and secondary school staff and on overall management,To ensure that the county as a unit to achieve the establishment of primary and secondary school staff fully meet the basic national standards,Adequate teachers are assigned according to the national curriculum plan,In particular, we will strengthen ideological and political courses, physical education, aesthetic education, labor education, mental health education, and special education teachers。All localities have formulated and implemented plans for the development and improvement of teachers, vigorously trained high-quality and professional teachers, and significantly expanded the number of outstanding backbone teachers.Developed regions may not steal outstanding principals and teachers from the central and western regions and the northeast。

  2.We will promote overall urban and rural development。Focusing on promoting the integration of urban and rural education, we will accelerate the narrowing of the urban-rural education gap within counties。In line with the national strategy for population development, the strategy for serving rural revitalization, and the strategy for a new type of urbanization, we will promote the development of compulsory education in urban and rural areas as a whole, and effectively solve the problem of overcrowding in urban areas and weakness in rural areas。Establish a mechanism for the supply of basic public education services that is coordinated with the changes in the permanent population, and allocate education resources according to the actual size of the population served。All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) should formulate standards for the allocation of compulsory education degrees in urban areas, cities and counties should rationally plan and ensure adequate land for construction, strictly implement the rules on the allocation of schools to new residential areas, accelerate the expansion of urban schools, and effectively resolve the contradiction between supply and demand of educational resources in areas with concentrated population inflow。The transformation of students' routes to school and the traffic environment around the campus will be an important task in urban planning and construction, and the transformation will be carried out promptly。Giving priority to rural education,Improve the long-term mechanism for controlling dropout,We will strengthen annual monitoring of the consolidation of compulsory education,Continue to improve the consolidation of nine-year compulsory education;We will make scientific plans for the distribution of urban and rural schools,We will further strengthen the construction of boarding schools,We will set up small schools in rural areas where necessary;We will comprehensively promote the building of a community of urban and rural schools,We will improve the incentive mechanism for helping urban and rural schools,Ensure that rural schools are supported by urban schools;We will strengthen the construction of national platforms for smart education in primary and secondary schools,Build a digital education resource platform system that is interconnected, co-built and shared,Provide a series of high-quality education and teaching resources covering moral, intellectual, physical, American and labor education,Innovative presentation of digital educational resources,We will effectively expand the coverage of quality education resources,To serve rural and remote areas to improve the quality of education。

  3.We will accelerate balanced inter-school development。To promote the balanced allocation of teachers as the focus, accelerate the narrowing of the quality gap between schools。We will improve the management methods and operation mechanism of group school running and school district system, promote the close integration of management, teaching and teaching research among schools, strengthen quality driving, complementary advantages and resource sharing, accelerate the realization of quality balance between schools within the group and within the school district, and lay the foundation for the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education at the county level。We will promote the growth of new and high-quality schools and run schools that are "at the doorstep" of the people。We will implement the action plan for orderly exchange of posts between principals and teachers,Scientifically promote the reform of teachers' management of "county management and school recruitment",From the actual situation of different areas such as urban and rural areas,Improve the exchange rotation guarantee and incentive mechanism,Teaching in rural schools or schools with weak educational conditions for more than 1 year is a necessary condition for applying for senior titles,More than 3 years as a primary and secondary school principals preferred conditions,We will encourage the flow of outstanding principals and key teachers to rural schools and schools with weak educational conditions.In principle, principals and outstanding backbone teachers who have been continuously teaching in the same school for a certain number of years should have priority in exchange rotation,Each district shall be based on a county (city, district or flag),Formulate specific implementation plans for the exchange and rotation of principals and outstanding backbone teachers,We will accelerate the balanced allocation of teachers among schools in counties,We will give awards and support to schools that train and deliver excellent backbone teachers,Principals and teachers who have made outstanding contributions will be given priority in the evaluation and commendation work at all levels,They shall be commended and rewarded in accordance with relevant state regulations。Actively explore the establishment of new recruitment teachers in the high level of school training system。Focus on new courses, new materials, new methods, new technologies,We intensified the implementation of the National Training Plan,We will encourage provinces, cities, counties and schools to carry out training for all principals and teachers,Optimize the training plan and curriculum system of normal university students,We will carry out a campaign to boost the construction of teachers by artificial intelligence,Comprehensively improve the ability of principals to run schools and the level of teachers' education and teaching。Support teachers to innovate teaching methods, carry out in-depth selection of quality courses, vigorously promote the application of excellent teaching results, and improve teachers' digital literacy and information technology application ability。We will build a national platform for basic education management and service, and improve the level and efficiency of digital management。We will improve school management and the system for evaluating the quality of compulsory education, and actively carry out the work of creating, supervising, evaluating and identifying high-quality and balanced compulsory education at county level。

  4.Ensure equitable development for all groups。To promote the education care system as the focus, accelerate the narrowing of the education gap between groups。We will comprehensively promote the policy of exempting students from examinations from nearby schools and synchronizing enrollment in public and private schools, so as to ensure equal access to compulsory education by school-age children of different groups。We will improve the policy on applying for residence permits for flexible workers and workers with new employment forms, improve the policy on ensuring that the children of rural migrant workers are enrolled in school based on residence permits, and include the children of rural migrant workers in the scope of compulsory education in the host country, mainly in public schools。We will improve the precise mapping mechanism for orphans, virtually unsupported children, left-behind children in rural areas, and children in difficulties, strengthen education and care and protection, prioritize boarding, transportation, and nutritional needs, and strengthen humanistic care and psychological counseling.We will provide assistance and support for students in extreme poverty to ensure their basic learning and living needs。We will strengthen the construction of special education schools during compulsory education and the work of regular schools attending classes, and improve the special education service mechanism for children with visual, hearing, speech, physical, intellectual, mental, multiple disabilities and other special needs。Adhere to accurate analysis of learning conditions, comprehensively establish a school assistance system for students with learning difficulties, improve the personalized training mechanism for all students, and optimize the environmental conditions for training innovative talents。Accelerate the construction of school psychological counseling room and strengthen students' mental health education。All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) should build necessary specialized schools for compulsory education as needed, and strengthen education and correction for minor students with serious delinquency。

  5.We will accelerate the development of education in ethnic minority areas。We will comprehensively improve the conditions for running schools in ethnic minority areas and raise the overall level of running schools。We will strengthen the construction of teaching staff in ethnic minority areas,We will strengthen special training in ideological and political quality, standard spoken and written Chinese, disciplinary professionalism, and educational and teaching ability,Increase the "special post plan", "national training plan" and other projects to ethnic areas,We will promote "group" support for educational talents,Guide and support outstanding teachers to help teach in schools in ethnic minority areas。The publicity and education of the consciousness of the Chinese nation community will be included in the whole process of school education, and the ideological foundation of the Chinese nation community for teachers and students of all ethnic groups will be firmly established。

  6.We will raise the level of financial security。We will always make compulsory education the top priority in education investment, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of the government, and gradually increase the level of funding。Compulsory education degrees should be provided mainly by public schools。We will improve the structure of spending on education, increase investment in education and teaching and in the development of teachers, ensure teachers' salaries in accordance with the law, and promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education。We will fully implement the living allowance policy for rural teachers, strengthen the main responsibility of local governments, improve the living allowance system for rural teachers, and provide differentiated subsidies according to the degree of difficulty.We will accelerate the construction of temporary dormitories for rural school teachers in remote and difficult areas, and include qualified rural school teachers in the local government housing security system。Qualified districts can provide security, cafeteria, dormitory staff, medical and health care services for schools through government purchase services。We will strengthen the construction of labor practices, off-campus activities, research practices, science popularization education bases, family education guidance and service centers, parent schools, and service stations, and improve the mechanism of school, family, and social cooperation in raising children。

  Third, we should vigorously improve the level of assistance for students from poor families

  7.We will ensure full coverage of financial aid for students from poor families。We will improve the student financial aid system covering all academic sections。We have established and improved a system for subsidizing children, and effectively ensure that children from poor families receive inclusive pre-school education by reducing or waiving education fees。We will adhere to and improve the policy of "two exemptions and one supplement" for compulsory education, waive tuition and miscellaneous fees for students, provide free textbooks, and provide living allowances for students from poor families.We thoroughly implemented the plan to improve the nutrition of rural students receiving compulsory education, and provided subsidies for nutritious meals to students in these areas。Eligible senior high school students from poor families will be provided with state grants and exempted from tuition and miscellaneous fees。Eligible secondary vocational education students will be provided with state grants and exempted from tuition fees。Priority will be given to children with disabilities whose families have financial difficulties, and special school supplies, educational training, and transportation expenses for disabled students will be subsidized。In light of the level of economic and social development and the state's financial situation, we will improve the mechanism for dynamic adjustment of financial aid standards, taking into account changes in price levels and living costs, and help students from poor families complete their studies successfully。

  8.We will improve the precision of student financial aid。Relying on the government data sharing and exchange platform,We will strengthen data sharing and exchange among departments of education, civil affairs, agriculture and rural affairs, and disabled persons' federations,We will improve the identification basis and work procedures for students from poor families,Improve the accuracy of identifying students from poor families and the convenience of applying in different places,Constantly improve the mechanism of funding disbursement,We will fully implement the financial assistance policy for students from poor families,Do your best to help。We will encourage different regions to determine the proportion and standards of financial aid in accordance with the level of economic development, financial status and distribution of students from poor families in their jurisdiction。Further consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, maintain the overall stability and effective cohesion of student financial aid policies, and pay special attention to the children of the targets of dynamic monitoring to prevent the return to poverty。Strengthen the publicity of student financial aid policies to ensure that financial aid information is open and transparent。

  4. Make overall plans for other basic public services for students

  9.Health services for students will be strengthened。Strengthen school health systems and capacity building。Establish student health records, and gradually realize the content of preschool health records。Health education, health consultation, health science and other services are provided to students, and health knowledge and health skills suitable for students' characteristics and needs are taught in a targeted manner。Establish a monitoring platform for students' physical health status, and release data on students' health literacy level every year。We will do a good job in promoting students' knowledge of vaccination, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and prevention of public health emergencies。Regular visits to schools for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, guidance for schools to set up health publicity boards, and professional training for school doctors and health care teachers。Regularly provide food safety risk monitoring, tracking and evaluation services for school canteens and catering facilities around the campus。Establish and improve the mechanism of regular screening and assessment, early identification and intervention of students' mental health problems。

  10.We will enrich public cultural and sports services。We will give full play to the important role of public cultural, sports and science popularization resources in educating people, implement the policy that museums, memorial halls, public libraries, art galleries, and cultural centers (stations) are open to students free of charge according to regulations, and that conditional public sports facilities, science and technology museums, and various science popularization education bases are open to students free of charge or at a low fee。During national holidays and school winter and summer holidays, the opening hours should be extended appropriately, and cultural sports and popular science activities suitable for students' characteristics should be added。We will carry out innovative activities to introduce excellent films into the campus, and ensure that every primary and secondary school student can watch excellent films at least twice per semester。

  11.We will provide services for graduates to find employment and start businesses。We will strengthen career education for school graduates and provide guidance on employment and entrepreneurship,We will build a high-quality employment service platform,Provide consultation on employment, entrepreneurship and employment policies and regulations,Release employment information such as human resource supply and demand, market wage prices, and internship positions,Provide internship practice and employment assistance services for fresh graduates in need,Registration of graduation destination will be carried out。Provide mobile personnel file management services for unemployed college graduates and secondary school graduates, college graduates who go abroad to study at their own expense and those who go abroad for private purposes。Vocational training subsidies, vocational skills appraisal subsidies and living expenses subsidies are provided to graduates who have participated in vocational skills training and meet the conditions。

  5. Conscientiously organize and implement

  To strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, Party committees and governments at all levels should put the construction of a high-quality and balanced basic public education service system as a major livelihood project to achieve common prosperity, and put it on the important agenda of party committees and governments。Strengthen the overall planning at the provincial level, give full play to the role of municipal governments, implement the management responsibility based on the county, formulate work implementation plans, establish a departmental coordination mechanism, consolidate departmental responsibilities, form a work force, and ensure that various policies and measures are implemented。We will deepen the construction of experimental areas for the comprehensive reform of basic education, and strengthen regional coordination and reform。At the same time, further increase the support for inclusive non-basic public education services, improve the inclusive pre-school education guarantee mechanism, improve the level of county ordinary high schools, and improve the overall public education service capacity。We will raise funds for after-school services in compulsory education by means of financial subsidies, service charges or charges on behalf of others, enrich high-quality after-school service resources, and strengthen after-school education functions。All regions and departments should strengthen the publicity and interpretation of policies, summarize and widely publicize typical experiences and implementation results in a timely manner, and form a good atmosphere for the whole society to care about and support education。


From: "People's Daily" 2023614


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