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The Party School of Liaoyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China organized to participate in the city's 10,000 people walking activities

7月1日,To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Liaoyang City held the people's heart to the party celebration "July 1" Liaoyang City's first sports carnival walking activities,To implement the "Liaoning Comprehensive Revitalization of the New breakthrough three-year action Plan",We will promote the healthy and integrated development of culture, tourism and sports,We will better promote national fitness,Promote exchanges and cooperation,Fully show the city image,Enhance urban vitality。

上午9At the beginning of the flag-raising ceremony, the 10,000 people walking activity officially kicked off。The participating teams start from the Municipal government Square and end at the Tianyou Gate5.6公里。Our school attaches great importance to this activity, Executive Vice President Han Lixin, vice President Chen Zhining, Zhao Deyong personally led the team, a total18Active participation of faculty members。Under the guidance of the banner of the Party school, everyone is full of spirit, the pace is neat, under the scorching heat, and successfully reached the end, showing the good style of the party school people, and expressing the hot feelings of loving the Party, patriotism and hometown with practical actions。



Writer: Qu Yong


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