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The Party school of the Municipal Committee organized patriotic education theme movie watching activities

        10月8日,The Party School of the Municipal Party Committee organized more than 300 students and on-the-job staff, party school teachers of the county (city, district) Party committee and community workers in the fall semester of 2023,Watch the film "Dark War 1931 White Etherification",Moving patriotic education classes into theaters,The purpose is to give full play to the role of the main channel of Party school cadre education,Let all viewers accept the education of revolutionary heroes more intuitively and truly,Arouse the patriotic feelings of Party members and leading cadres。


        Bai Yihua is an anti-Japanese hero from Liaoyang. In 2014, he was listed in the first batch of 300 famous anti-Japanese heroes and hero groups published by the Ministry of Civil Affairs。The film tells the story of Bai Ehua after the "September 18" incident,Resolutely returned to Liaoyang from Beiping Chinese University,Actively liaise with anti-Japanese heroes,Formation of the "Pingdong anti-Japanese Volunteer Army",Fight against the traitors headed by Chen Xueying and the Japanese invaders headed by Kimura,The revolutionary deeds that started the underground anti-Japanese activities,Eulogize countless like white ethylenes,The revolutionary martyrs and national heroes who died on the battlefield in the arduous struggle of the 14-year heroic War of resistance,It has written a magnificent epic that moves the sky and the earth。

        In the course of watching the film, everyone was moved again and again by the brave and fearless family feelings of white ethyl-hua。Everyone has said that the heroic deeds and noble spirit of white ethylene are a powerful force that inspires us to make unremitting efforts for the full realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

        The fire of spirit lives on, and the red blood is passed down from generation to generation。At present, a new era of Northeast revitalization, Liaoning revitalization of the "Liaoshen campaign" has been in 14.Launched on 80,000 square kilometers of land - the new breakthrough three-year action for comprehensive revitalization has been carried out in depth in Liaoshen。As a white ethicized homeboy,As a party cadre,In the new era, a new journey,We must carry forward the legacy of our martyrs,Temper the character of perseverance and indomitable struggle,Always maintain a state of mind to advance in spite of difficulties and strive for success,深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于东北辽宁振兴发展的重要讲话和指示批示精神,Knuckle down,Forge ahead bravely,Show greater responsibility and action for the new breakthrough of Liaoyang's comprehensive revitalization。

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Writer: Wang Junyao


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